Live Multi Store

Multi-Store Pos System, point of sale system POS

In our experience we have found that there is no right or wrong way to run your point of sale system when it comes to multi store pos. Therefore, we allow our POS System, touchscreen point of sale system to perform in a variety of ways to accommodate the needs of our different customers. 

Head Office Product / Pricing Control

Head Office can maintain control of products, pricing & menus and upload changes to these products as they see fit. They can also restrict stores from changing prices & menus. Pricing can also be controlled by location, so if Head Office has stores in different states, they can control the pricing for the states independently, either by a fixed $ price rise for the product in a certain state or a percentage. e.g. a cup of coffee in Adelaide might cost $4.80 but in Sydney the price could be upped by $2.00 or 20%.

This method of maintaining prices within the  POS System via store location can also be used internally by a business, such as a bar which might have different prices for the front bar than when compared to the restaurant.

A live stock search from the sales screen will also show the current location of all stock, what stock is currently being transferred, and you can also request stock transfers from the same screen. Reports are also available for viewing the whereabouts of your stock.

POS System, point of sale system , POS with a Live Connection

Each store can be connected live to the head office database. Sales are stored in the head office database as they are put through. This means head office has access to sales data shortly after the sales have been completed. If the store’s internet connection drops out, sales will be stored offline until the connection is re-established. The store does not have its own database but uses the Head Office database for everything (sales, products, menus etc).

Batch Connection

Each store can run independently of the others, storing their sales locally in their own database but connecting to the head office database and uploading their sales data every now and then.

Shared Shopper Database

Each store can run independently of the others, maintaining their own products and storing their own sales data, but they can share a centralised frequent shopper database that records the shopper balances, rewards and redemptions. Therefore, points earned in one store can be redeemed in another. If the shopper balance cannot be confirmed (due to an internet drop-out) there is an option to stop the shopper from redeeming their points until their balance is confirmed.

Head Office Batch Mode

Head Office can manually or automatically at a certain time connect to each of its stores and download new sales data for reporting and consolidation purposes. Sales performance between stores can be compared. Head Office can also connect live to any of its stores and view the full range of reports as if they were on site.


Total Stock Control from the retail pos advantage software
See available stock at all stores and request an internal transfer or hold of product.
Receive stock direct at each store or ship out from the warehouse.
See available stock and other necessary information from the sale screen.
See estimated days left of stock, full stock sales history.

POS System Reports
Retail Pos Advantage Pos System, point of sale system, pos gives you total control, with over 200 reports! 46 sales related reports,
33 Stock related reports, 15 daily financial related reports and the ability to export sales data into accounting programs such as Xero and Intuit QuickBooks, Myob Essentials.

 QuickBooks IntuitXero 

MultiStore Head office
Flexible options of running a live point of sale centralised database or each store as stand-alone with a centralised
Customer Loyalty database. Either way, the point of sale system is a smart pos system and will keep working even if
head office is unreachable. With RetailPos Advantage touch screen point of sale software you gain greater business knowledge and
control of menu layouts, products, pricing, promotions, barcode scanning accounts, laybys, stock, employees, reporting
and marketing to your customers.

Customer Loyalty
Retail Pos Advantage Pos System, point of slae software's Customer Loyalty allows you to reward and market to your customers.
Customers can easily join up at any point of sale terminal and instantly start earning Reward Points, Members-only specials, discounts and access to member’s prices. Each product sold can be individually assigned a Reward Point value and expiry date. As points become close to expiring our system can notify your customers about their
soon-to-be-expired points via e-mail or SMS. They can also be notified as they earn points.

Touchscreen point of sale POS System with Integrated Web Store (nop commerce)
Retail Pos Advantage POS System, touch screen point of sale software has its own built-in web store where you can configure products that are sold online. Potential customers can join your Loyalty Programme online. Any purchases made will be shown on your touch screen point of sale system  POS as an on-line sale and any production dockets will automatically be printed.

Total point of sale POS System Control
You can quickly and easily change the price or add new products to the touch screen point of sale system from any pos terminal, even while serving a customer. And the changes will automatically flow through to all other POS terminals withinin seconds. But only if you have the correct staff rights to do so!

Total Staff Control
the retail pos advantage software tracks Every action in the sale screen is totally controllable by employee types or the pos system settings with over 300 control settings available to ensure your system works and is used the way you like it.

Customer Marketing SMS & E-mail
from within the retailpos advantage point of sale software offers a built in way to market and keep in touch with your customers, such as sending an e-mail or SMS to all customers, only those who came in on a specific date, have not made a purchase for a given number of days, from specific suburbs, or having a birthday soon and much more.

Owner SMS/E-mail Alerts!
from the retailpos advantage point of sale software you can eaisly send yourself alerts if any staff or specific staff do no-sales, cancelled sales, refunds or payouts over a certain dollar amount.