Pos System POSIFLEX KS 7310 touchscreen point of sale terminal

The KS-7310 is a new Fan Free 10"Touch Screen System
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PC POS touchscreen point of sale terminal, pos system
  • Fan Free Design
  • Cast Aluminium housing
  • 9.7" LCD Display withPCAP multi touch Touch Screen
  • Equipped with Intel Pine View Dual Core D525 1.8 GHz CPU and DDR3 memory
  • 32 GB or higher SSD Standard
  • 2 GB RAM expandable to 4GB, in Australia 2GB default
  • Powered Serial ports
  • Optional MSR module, 2 Line Pole Display
  • (Product may vary from image. Rely only on description for purchasing decisions.)

    The KS-7310 is a new Fan Free PCAP Touch Screen System which fits perfectly in a wide variety of POS applications. It has an integrated MSR (module is optional) uses a low power consumption Intel Pine View Dual Core Processor. This unit has a very small footprint