Pos System Partner Tech SP-850 touchscreen point of sale terminal

Partner Tech SP-850 touchscreen point of sale terminal, pos system
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Powerful and Elegance Meets the POS Demands of Today.
Partner Tech SP-850 touchscreen point of sale terminal, pos system
In today`s ever changing POS environment, businesses are demanding more from their POS systems. From customer relationship management to self service and everything in between, the demand for POS capabilities is higher than ever. Today`s environment also brings about something else, a more price conscious business owner.

Partner Tech, being your true Partner in POS, developed the new compact and powerful 2.4G IntelĀ® Bay Trail-D J1900 SP-850 touchscreen point of sale terminal, pos system with multi touch to meet both of these trends: increased power and cost effectiveness.

SP-850 touchscreen point of sale terminal, pos system  is a fanless, compact, high-performance system, fitted with a quad-core Bay Trail platform and equipped with scratch-proof projected capacitive touch screen, Housed in a beautiful and elegant aluminum body, the SP-850 provides the system performance and reliability that Partner Tech products have become known for. Inside the SP-850 is an energy efficient low power consumption Bay Trail CPU, providing the necessary power to run today`s power hungry POS applications. Staying true to Partner Tech tradition, the SP-850 touchscreen point of sale terminal, pos system comes with a wide range of easily connected modules, including a RFID reader, IC card reader, MSR, finger print reader, and 2nd display options. With its convenient wall mount option and wide tilt angle, the list simply goes on and on!

Quad-Core Fanless Touch Terminal

SP-850 Features


l Bezel Zero, Projected Capacitive Touch Screen

l Intel Bay Trail-D J1900 2.0G up to 2.4G, 2M Cache

l DDR3L Memory Support up to 8GB

l Aluminum Die-Casting Construction

l Engineered for Reliability with Fanless Technology

l Flexible Modular Design

l Splash and Dust Resistant Front Panel IP66

      Whole Device IP54 Certified

l Convenient Wall Mount and Wide Tilt Angle

l Green Low Power Consumption

l Dual Cash Drawer Support