Pos System CSPAD10 touchscreen point of sale terminal

CSPAD touchscreen point of sale terminal, pos system INDUSTRIAL TABLET PC
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Senor Tech | POS Solution

The cSPAD Tablet is a mobile point of sale solution quickly gaining ground in the POS market and have become the latest buzz to customers in numerous industries. Sleek and packed a punch full of features and functions, the cSPAD is not limited to any size or type of businesses.

 Providing businesses the flexibility to complete customer transactions on store floor and even at the table, the cSPAD delivers convenience and versatility, giving a positive effect to customer satisfaction, customer loyalty and helps boost sales as an efficient system in place. Used as an anchoring technology for self-service kiosks, queue busting, inventory management, table manage-ment and customer tracking and loyalty program, the cSPAD can be implemented in takeaway shops, fine dining restaurants and large enterprise companies.